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I have treid everything to get my grandma's cat Miss Kitty to be my friend but she still doesn't like me she liked me just fine when she was a kitten she stopped liking me and everyone else except for the 3 people who live with her at about 2 years of age no one knows why if it helps she is a maine coon and came to my grandma as a kitten and she was a stray that wandered into my grandma's place of busniess. I am always nice to Miss Kitty never mean to her or any other animal but if I pet her just for a few minutes she will growl and hiss at me and then try to claw and bite me. So does anyone know why and what I can do to get Miss Kitty to like me?

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Aug 04, 2011

Miss Kitty probably didn't have access to more people on a regular basis. Similar to dogs, they need to be socialized to different situations or else they become nervous of them. Two years old is about the time cats reach emotional maturity...adulthood basically. You'll typically notice cats mellowing out and becoming more set in their ways at this time. B/c she wasn't exposed to you on a very regular basis, she hasn't learned to really trust you yet. Usually female cats need a little more help with this than males.

Never approaching her would be your first step. Try getting down on her level and just sit or lay there, being quiet and ignoring her. After a few minutes look at her and give her a kitty kiss - that slow blink cats use to say, Hey, I mean no harm. Then look away again. You can use treats if you want, but slowly extend your hand to her and just wait. If she doesn't come, give her another kitty kiss. If she seems upset, pull your hand back.

It will be a waiting game and she may not come around on your first few visits, but the more you see her and display this body language, the more comfortable she'll be with you. Once she does approach you and you two buddy up, don't assume your work is over. You'll want to repeat this every time you go over until she starts coming up to you right when she sees you.

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