Q: I have a 3lb peekpoo puppy and would like top pierce her ear to put a stud in it, what 's the danger

September 21, 2012 | By 2littleones | 2 answers | Expired: 1225 days ago

Is that considered surgery?

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Oct 02, 2012

Although it's not considered surgery, it is considered cruelty. The piercing could become infected {and has a stronger chance of this b/c unlike people, dogs don't keep their ears clean, particularly a "floppy" eared dog will have more of a risk} and you'll also want to worry about your dog ripping out the piercing. The reason this is considered animal cruelty is that it's purely cosmetic and for your benefit. Your dog doesn't want his or her ear pierced, and s/he'll probably try like hell to remove it. As far as piercings go, ears are one of the most painful places to have done. It's one thing for a kid to beg their parents for this, but quite another for someone to want to do that to their unwilling animal. Instead of piercing her ears, just keep her groomed and get her a pretty collar. Those are things that will keep her safe and healthy, and she'll still look pretty for you.

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Sep 21, 2012

This is wrong why do you want to pierce your dogs ear this is an illegal practice although it is done to people all the time animals do not need their ears pierced it would be like tagging a cow but not even cows need to be tagged anymore with microchipping around this is cruelty to animals there were some women awhile back who got put in jail and charged with animal cruelty I think it was 10 counts of animal cruelty that they were charged with cause their buisness they ran pierced cats ears it can be very harmful to animals and their ears can get infected so easily not only because there is no medicine for it but also because when the fur starts to grow back it can itch them imagane if you did this and your dog decided she had an itch and scratched her ear her paw could get stuck her toenail could get stuck please do not do this to your dog it is very cruel to even think about doing this to her, there was a dog at the shelter once a hound dog she was the perfect dog for us we were looking for a dog at the time and some one had tried to pierce her ears because of this there were giant holes in each ear that were horribly infected and her ears required very exspensive special care for every day of the rest of her life she was a nice dog but when we got back to get her some one else had already adopted her they needed the room we didn't mind we had other dogs in mind two the 3 legged dalamation was also gone so we adopted our 3rd choice a lab mix but please do not do this we would have never done this to Kirby when we adopted her even though we had seen it done to the hound dog we never did it to our cats Teddy, Shorty, Biff or Lowrence and we never did it to any of our dogs Lady, Holly, Kirby, Skitters, Taco, Rigbee or Abby it is animal cruelty please don't do it the rest of us on zootoo would never do this!

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