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A mother cat has been living in my yard she has produced 8 babies all together, three of them are juiveniles and four are babies. I've been feeding them because they live in the shed. Now the problem is I may be starting a cat sanctuary. How can I get help with these feral cats. I love them all and don't want them destroyed.

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Nov 15, 2011

I'm not sure what area of KS, Pittsburg is located. There are groups and organizations that help with S/N. I know Pittsburg has at least one group. Ask every cat rescue and humane society in your area if they offer low-cost or no-cost S/N coupons.

Here are the ones I know about in your state:

Pawprints on the Heartland
Pittsburg KS

Spay-Neuter Kansas
Wichita, KS

Humane Society of Greater Kansas City
Kansas City, KS

FMA Animal Hospital
Westwood, KS

Central Pet Care Clinic
Carthage, MO
417 358-1300

The Pet Connection
Overland Park KS

Also check with these:

Friends of Felines
Sedgewick, KS

Heartland SPCA
Merriam, KS

Paws to Love
Wamego, KS

SpayUSA (has a nationwide referral service for affordable S/N)

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Nov 21, 2011

Good luck I don't know where that is but I do know that kelly is giving you some good ideas and keep a good eye out for those babies I have a person in my area who I believe has been very mean to my gray tabby feral kitty named Elmer Fudd I had worked so hard with him and now he loves me but is terrified of any man that comes near him espically a certian one of my neighbors from the boarding house next door. and I always worry so I plan on getting him to the humane socitey or a rescue as soon as possible the problem is he is a ferral cat and he only likes women so he will have a bit of a hard time finding a home.

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