Q: I brought a new puppy home my cat has become aggressive towards me will she get used to the puppy

September 1, 2011 | By Robynfebs | 1 answer | Expired: 1605 days ago

My cat is a very serious cat she is never really very friendly,she bites and fights alot of the time but she was still attached to me we are very close.but now i brought a new puppy into the house.she has become very aggressive towards me and avoids being around.she doesn't come close to my room anymore where she used to sleep in my bed with me since the dog came.im scared our relationship wont be the same again.will she get used to the dog cause she is very reserved and territorial.i try spending alone time with each of them seperately but she is always so tense she doesn't even play or purr with me anymore.will this change

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Sep 02, 2011

Are they both spayed and neutered some times not being fixed can be the problem, Also there could be a problem if the two have not yet been properly intruduced, My cat Teddy was best friends with my english cocker spaniel Lady she even road around the house on Lady's back but when Lady was gone and Skitters came Teddy hated Skitters and seemed to be the same way until Skitters began protecting Teddy from any danger that came her way and any danger that came my way.

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