Q: I am the manager of a shelter how do I add adoptable pets?

October 2, 2008 | By Potsdam H. | 2 answers | Expired: 2669 days ago

Potsdam H.

Sorry I just can't seem to find the answer

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Oct 02, 2008

I believe Zootoo has to set up something. This info is from their contact page...

Business Services
Shelters, manufacturers, and store front pet businesses can reach a zootoo representative during regular business hours at the email address and phone number below.
Email: business@zootoo.com
Call Customer Support: 1-877-580-7387

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Mary T.

Oct 03, 2008

I e-mailed Zootoo and asked. If you are a rescue group, you cannot yet add adoptable animals. It seems they only have that for shelters at this time.

I got around it by adding a "new pet" to my pets, and calling it "adoptable animals" and that's where I started listing our dogs for adoption. (only have one listed so far, but will be adding more)

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