Q: i am looking to adopt a dog for my 3yr old,6yr old and 9yrold and i am looking for a good safe type

November 21, 2009 | By Tracy001 | 8 answers | Expired: 1812 days ago

for my kids on christmas

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Nov 22, 2009

I don't think pets should be given as gifts. If you're choosing a dog for your kids, involve them with the selection and take time to see which breed would be best and how the kids interact with a dog. I would definitely never surprise anyone with a pet. There are too many things that could go wrong.

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Nov 23, 2009

I think it's great that you want your kids to have a dog. You need to consider how much room, how much time, how active your lifestyle is, etc. when choosing a dog. Some breeds require a great deal of exercise while others may not need as much. You need to be sure you have the time to care for the dog when the children don't want to. I would go to your local shelter once you have looked at breeds that might work for your family and see how the dogs and your children interact and involve them in choosing even though it is supposed to be a Christmas gift. It is not an easy choice and one that requires lots of research and thougth, but I know you will find the perfect dog. Good luck.

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Nov 21, 2009

if your kids haven't been around dogs much...well, when you say "safe" i'm sure you mean good with kids, generally non-aggressive,etc. but unless your kids have been around dogs enough for you know that allergies won't be an issue, you might want to either 1) get them some exposure as a test before picking a dog, or 2) choose a dog that is less likely to cause allergy problems, just in case. no dog is entirely hypoallergenic, but some are better than others for allergy sufferers.

as far as "safety", yea, it's really hard to say. i've known some absolutely vicious Chihuahuas and insane Jack Russell Terriers, both small and seemingly harmless dogs, and then some of the sweetest dogs i've ever known have been bully breeds, including Rottweilers and Pit Bulls. besides that...well, mutts are wonderful and unique wildcards. with mutts you can't so easily apply breed stereotypes, but this also may not be an entirely bad thing. training really is everything, and your kids should be an active part of that training, whatever type of dog you choose. an adult dog isn't a bad idea. it's true, you stand a better chance of getting to know their true temperament if they're grown, but like Jennifer said, there's a big difference between a shelter and your home. the more time you can spend with the dog before choosing to bring it home, the better.

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