Q: I am looking for help for a 8 month boxer

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Amy T.

My niece and her husband and their 2 children have finally returned to the US from 3 years over seas. The spent 1 1/2 yres in Syrbia and 1 1/2 in Egypt. Their daughter could not wait to get back to the states so she could have a dog. They returned late last year and soon were settled down in Jacksonville, NC. Finally they were ready for that dog she had wated so long for. She picked out a beautiful brindle boxer pup and named him Ramsis. All was great she told me. They had a fenced yard so they could run and play, he was sleeping good at night [he snores but I like it] she tells me. Our family had a week get together and Ramsis was taken care of by a friend. Then came the call. Ramsis had stepped in a hole when he was running and hurt his knee. It is looking like around $1,000-2,000 to repair his knee. This is money that they do not have but Ramsis is part of the family. I hope someone has some hope as to a group or vet school that could help with this. Any think would be greatly appreciated.

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Aug 26, 2008

Have they spoken to the office manager in the vet's office that they took Ramses to? If they do not have a payment program then they might want to try Care Credit.If the vet they have consulted is not a member of Care credit, they can look online and find one. Care Credit is just what it sounds like, a credit card for those unexpected vet emergencies. They can apply online or in a participating vet's office. The only downside is that the vet has to be a participant in this program for them to except it. I recently had an emergency with my beagle and had to resort to taking out a personal loan to cover the cost of the surgery. Good luck! I know the heartwrenching feeling of wanting to do everything and being limited by funds. The site is www.carecredit.com . Just look for the search for a doctor box at the top of the page. Hope this was helpful.

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Aug 26, 2008

Check with several different vets in your area and have them each give you a quote. My cat recently had to have surgery to have an abcsess type thing removed, and the first vet that we went to asked for $650 PLUS antibiotics! It would have been nearly $700. We felt like that was WAY to much for a such a simple surgery, so we went to a few other vets in the area. We had the entire surgery done, and antibiotics, at a different vet for $150. The vet did a great job and my cat is healing well (the surgery was two weeks ago). Hope you find someone that can give you a better price!

Oh, and you could also mention to the vet that you simply cannot afford that. Sometimes they will lower the price or give you some sort of a deal on it.

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