Q: I am getting a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever on august 8th(in two weeks).

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i was wondering i anybody who owns one or knows about them could tell me anything that is importiant that i should know about the breed. thanks. also the puppy will be 9 weeks.

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Aug 10, 2010

Firstly, congrats on your adorable puppy.
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers are active and need something to occupy their mind - it is very important that after your pup gets his/her Rabies, distemper, and kennel cough vaccines to sign him/her up for some puppy school (it gives the dog something to occupy the mind as well as starting vital obedience training). You can look up local trainers or sign up for a puppy class with Petco or Petsmart.
If your pup's parents were huge (as the breed usually does not get over 48 lbs) or you have reason to believe your pup will grow to be 50 lbs or more, you should feed him/her a "large breed puppy food" which has the perfect nutrition for his rate of growth and contains supplements to support his joints.
Enjoy your puppy and remember the more you introduce the little guy to the more comfortable he will be in 'scary' situations in the future and the easier he will be to handle.
--licensed veterinary technician

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Aug 04, 2010

this is one of my favorite breeds and they're hard to find, i'm so jealous!
most everything you need to know can be found here: //dogbreedinfo.com/novascotiaducktolling.htm

gotta exercise, work, and train this dog. they need it badly. what this site doesn't say is how to train them. be very sensitive to the toller, gentle training WITHOUT an overly excited trainer works best for them. they're great learners, but they don't handle mistakes well...so never let them know they've made one. if they mess up the command, you have to try again and go slower. keep your voice calm and steady and friendly while training as well as rewarding.

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daryl b.

Aug 01, 2010

the toolors are certantl a beautiful breed. as said they are active but everyone i have met are real sweet.

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Joy B.

Aug 01, 2010


A NSDTR (so much easier to abbreviate or call him/her a Toller) is a very active breed. I don't know where you are, but it does depend on if the puppy was bred for looks or for what he was born to do...flush birds out for the hunter and retrieve ducks. There is quite a difference in looks and the ones bred for looks often must be taught to retrieve. It is a really great breed. Please work with the pup. They are very good obedience dogs and love water!

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