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My puppy doesn't really like treats. He is a very tiny Yorkie and I'm thinking he just can chew them or thinks they're too big to put in his mouth.

Thus I've been using loads of praise and his favorite toys for treats for potty training etc. But for learning to walk on a lead, I'm noticing that he's just not responding to the toys, he's scared (and I don't blame him... I need to show him its ok), I'm just running out of tricks to pull out of the hat.

So I've noticed one thing he really likes, but I'm using it with caution cause I don't want to make him sick. (going to consult the vet next week at his check up)

So the other day I was eating lobster, and after I picked him up, he licked all the juice off my hands, he loved it. (dad's a lobster fisherman so I can get access really easy) so when I went home the other day I brought a baggie with a tablespoon of lobster meat in it. Yesterday I put the leash on him and rubbed some lobster on my fingers (didn't want to actually give him too much in case it upset his stomach), he walked nicely next to me, and I even got a sit from him, his reward was to lick my fingers.
I watched his stool last night and noticed that it softened it a bit, but that small portion didn't give him the runs or anything.
What are you guy's opinions on human food for treats, what other tips do you have for me?

The books all say lure with treats, but if I don't have a treat to use, i'm having a hard time... that and the books and videos I have don't show how to train something so small.

Thanks... I'm a first time puppy owner, horses you can use mind and physical ability to train... this little guy is definitely all about the mind games... can't use any physical strength on a 1lb pup.

Can't wait to hear from ya'll

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Jan 10, 2010

Most dogs seem to really like peanut butter. Try putting small amounts on a plastic spoon and let your dog lick it off the spoon as a reward. The good thing with using peanut butter if your dog likes it, is that it has a strong enough smell that your dog will be able to know he will get a reward if he demonstrates the behavior you are looking for.

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Mary C.

Dec 31, 2009

You can safely give many human foods to dogs, and actually some dog food companies have Lobster treats! Baby carrots are a great alternative to rawhide treats for small dogs, apples, bannanas and most meats too (chicken, turkey, liver,) Cheerios are a great training treat as stated by another. Low fat cheese, yogurt ,cottage cheese and canned pumpkin are also good foods for certain belly upsets. Natural beef bones are enticing to most dogs also, just give the appropriate size. Some human foods to never give your dog are grapes, chocolate (they make some dog treats with Carob, that is a safe chocolate alternative to give) onions, caffiene and cooked bones such as chicken wings (they are brittle and can splinter and cause choking) Experiment, most things that are good for us are healthy for your pet as well, but ALWAYS in moderation!

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Jan 01, 2010

if he likes seafood, several brands make freeze-dried seafood treats. you may have to check with cat treats to find them, because that's where most stores seem to put them, but there's nothing that makes them "just for cats". PetSmart carries the Beefeaters brand, which makes freeze-dried salmon, cod, and shrimp treats (usually on the lowest shelf with the cat treats). the cod and salmon are a bit wonky...they often come in great big chunks and crumble if you try to break them up. the shrimp, however, are just right. there's not an issue of them being too big or being crumbly, because they're tiny, individual shrimps! just the right size for itty bitty mouths. Pet Co. carries the Halo brand, which makes freeze-dried cod and salmon treats. the Halo treats have a lot of the same shortcomings as the Beefeaters treats, though they usually aren't in *quite* such big chunks. but as for freeze-dried seafood treats, my favorite brand is Bravo! the only place i can find Bravo! treats around here is at a little local pet store. my cats and my dog all love freeze-dried salmon, and Bravo!'s salmon treats are the best! they never, ever come as big chunks. they're cut up into small bite-size bits (small enough even for a cat) before being freeze-dried, so there's also little to no issue with them being crumbly.

all of the above-mentioned treats are 100% seafood...the salmon treats are 100% salmon, the shrimp ones are 100% shrimp, etc. most of them (the ones by Halo and Bravo!) are marketed as being for both cats and dogs, and again, even the ones that you find with the cat treats shouldn't be thought of as specifically for cats. Halo recommends refrigerating them after opening, but the others make no such recommendation. the Beefeaters shrimps and the Bravo! salmon treats, either one, would make excellent training treats.

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