Q: Huge Black Spider?

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Okay I found another spider but this was a diffrent one well actually it was the other morning and Shorty found it he was on my rug it was big and like maybe black or dark brown at first it didn't move so I thought it was a piece of his food that he was playing with at first but then I saw it crawl over by some food that had fallen out of his bowl I have to sweep food up every day alot of it Shorty is a very messy eater but anyways that spider blended in with the food that Shorty had knocked out of the bowl so well but I found it and smashed it this spider was way bigger than the other ones that I had seen with the smiley faces this one was just huge and dark colored like Shorty's food I don't know what this one was we do get wood spiders and wolf spiders around here but we usaully see them in winter and fall never spring and summer and I don't think this spider was one of those in fact I smashed the spider mainly because shorty was ignoring it after he smacked it around alot and it was walking crooked I could tell Shorty had really beat it up good so I grabbed a shoe and put it out of it's misory but do you know what kind of spider this one was?

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May 23, 2012

I'm not sure what type it was but you might want to google spiders and see if there is a listing of different types. It's funny that you mention them indoors. We've had a lot of them in my house, too, this Spring which is very unusual. I think our mild Winter resulted in less being killed outdoors and now there's an overabundance of them. I killed two in my house yesterday and they looked different than the ones I usually see. I found one under my bed as I was changing sheets. I though I was going to dislocate my shoulder when I frantically went to kill it before it escaped where I couldn't reach it. Someone told me not to worry about the fast movers and that the slow ones are usually the poisonous ones since they can defend themselves.

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