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Teddy is my 17 year old tordisshell cat Teddy has recently decided that she likes to be in my closet the only problem is she has alot of fleas right now and she has worms I am gonna get her the medicine she needs as soon as possible but in the mean time how do I keep her out of my closet I also do not want cat hair to get on my clothes my closet doors can shut but they are sliders and if I shut them she just pushes the one on top aside ans sqeazes in between them so I leave them open so that she doesn't hurt herself trying to get in the other way. I will get her medicine tommorrow. So how do I keep her out of my closet?

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daryl b.

Oct 07, 2010

can you put some sort of hook to keep them together. with frost comming when you can take her to the vet and have her dipped and bomb your house at the same time. but you all have to be out when you do it so i would leave her for the day to have her dipped.

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Oct 11, 2010

place something in front of the areas she uses to push it open. if you have to, block the whole closet w/clutter. when she can no longer get in, she'll gradually forget about trying.
for a more permanent fix, you'll have to remove her each time, wait 3 seconds, then praise her for being out of your closet.

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