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How do you groom an american eskimo? Also how often are you suppose to brush them?

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Mar 11, 2010

wash them like every other dog, but if you want them trimmed, you should see a groomer. dogs w/thick fur like the eskimo can be hard to infiltrate w/water. for this type of fur, i lightly comb backwards against the grain while dumping water on. removable shower faucets {why can't i remember what these are called?} are also helpful and do a much faster job. use a gentle setting for getting the dog wet and a stronger, but not too strong, setting for getting the shampoo/conditioner out.
brush them every day or every other day and take extra time during shedding seasons. i'm not sure if these dogs need to be hand stripped, but if they do, ask a groomer to show you how. the basic rule for brushing: if you're still getting fur, you're not done. the eskimo has a ton of fur and will take you a ton of time. i'd say about 10-20 minutes a day up to 30-40 during shedding season or if you've been slacking.

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Mar 12, 2010

A american eskimo dog needs to be brushed every day with a regular hair brush (just don't share yours with your dog) And bathed at least once a month (no more than every 2 weeks)

Hope this helps!

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