Q: how to travel well with cats??

February 16, 2009 | By laura f. | 11 answers | Expired: 2096 days ago

how to travel well with cats??

i would really like to bring my cats upstate to my country home this summer. it is a two hour car ride. how do i prepare them for the ride and the new space? should i? or leave them home? thanks!

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Melissa J.

Feb 16, 2009

I moved from WI to KY with two cats. I was very worried about the ride since they hate the car. I spoke to my vet and he gave me a mild sedative for the cats. It worked really well. It didn't knock them out. It just relaxed them enough so that they didn't cry and panic the whole time.

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Feb 16, 2009

I hate to leave my pets anywhere. Take them on short car rides to see how they like the ride. If they do not seem to be stressed out I would take them. But if they seem to be very stressed they would probably be much happy to stay at home even though you will miss them

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Shawna A.

Feb 27, 2009

A two hour car ride isn't long at all!
Different cats react differently.
Two of my cats have traveled for 20 hours w/o a litter box break (we were traveling on a plane internationally). They both made it fine. I left the older one back home with my brother; I wasn't sure he could handle the stress.
If you are really worried about them because they get anxious, you can cut a Benadryl in half, and give it to them. This will only make them kinda drowsy.
There is also this stuff I got from the vet that should calm them called Feliway Pheromone spray. It worked for one cat but not the other.

In moving all three cats down from New York to North Carolina, we just had to listen to them cry. Two were fine, the one was still just crying away. She also was crying after her 21 hour plane ride (which was how I found where to pick her up- I followed her voice).

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