Q: How to tell if a stray cat has been neutered.

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Bonnie  M.

I feel stupid asking this. I feel like I should know but they can all look so different. I have been feeding a stray kitty and want to get him to the vet for an exam and shots etc.

I was wondering if he is "intact". I really can't tell. One time I took a stray to a local spay/neuter clinic and one of the techs looked at him and said, "He's already neutered." How could she tell? I forgot to ask.

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Aug 31, 2011

It's hard to tell sometimes. Vets used to not leave the scrotum when they neutered cats, so it was easier to determine, but now most of them just remove the testicles and leave the scrotum. If a cat isn't neutered at an early age, it's often hard to tell just by looking. You can tell by feel. Hold the kitty firmly and gently squeeze and palpate the scrotum as if you're looking for lumps. If it feels large and hard, he hasn't been neutered. If it feels like a soft little sack of fur with nothing inside, he's more than likely neutered.

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Aug 30, 2011

Cats have larger testicles than what we'd expect. Meaning, if he is a he and is intact and older than 6 months, you will know.

But it can be confusing if they're younger or if they're a girl {who are generally smaller anyway}. A friend of mine has literally taken pictures of cats to text me for my opinion, so don't feel stupid!

There are two ways to tell. One is to gently push at the base of thebelly/top of the groin with your thumb towards their anus. With males you will usually see a penis, and that's how my vet taught me to check so don't feel weird about doing it {as invasive and perverted as you will feel doing this}.

The other way is to look for a vagina. This will be right below the anus and unless they have a lot of fur you need to part, you can usually see from a distance. If he does look like a girl, you can check her belly for a scar or a tattoo to see if she's been fixed. Not all cats are given tattoos or will even have a noticeable scar though.

Usually boy cats will have much bigger paws than the girls. This is a rough judgement though, b/c some, like my Whisper, have surprisingly big clonkers for being such a petite little girl.

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Aug 30, 2011

Usaully cats that are spayed and neutered will weigh more, but I am not sure so far every cat I have found and taken to rescue or the shelter except for a few have been spayed or neutered people get them and have them fixed around here and then they just dump them, The last one I found was Fidget who is too small and young yet to be neutered, I don't know honestly but it is easier to tell with dogs way easier, I think that the ones that are not neuttered you can see two small holes under their tail but I can't say for sure!

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