Q: How to stop Hawaii from banning all staffie, aka pit bull

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How to stop Hawaii from banning all staffie, aka pit bull

State of Hawaii is trying to ban all so Called Pit Bulls, this means any staffordshire, and bully breeds, outright. There are many good pet parents, and a few that rescue all breeds here including "aka pit bulls." I despise the name, it is all inclusive. Since I have rescued 3 of my own, and had them combined until cancer took them all, for over 20 years, I know how wonderful they can be. Just like any dog who has had a bad background, they require rehoming and socialization, and lots of patience and love. I personally believe not just any one should be breeding, (any breed) but this breed as well. I believe by controlling the breeding and breeders, and having them all live in loving homes, and not using them for hunting, as they do here, legally, and chaining and tethering, and caging, with a touch of positive basic training, we can over come 99.9% of problems, and that includes all dogs. My little rescue that is a pomerainian/corgy mix is much more difficult to re-train. Totally banning a breed is cruel, and inhumane, and unreasonable. I am 55, never been in trouble, a grandmother, and an animal advocate, and if this law passes, I can be prosecuted for a misdemeanor! I have a old man staffie, who had some kind of hard life. He is happy to relax on his bed, lumber down the street on a walk with us, and eat regualrly. It has taken 2 years, getting his health back, and he is so grateful. Neutering him, and deworming, and fixing his poor rotten pads, and ridding him of heartworm, are just a few of his health issues. He is so happy, and loves his roudy housemates. Will they come just take him, how about using the limited resources, especially in this economy to pick up and destroy, and prosecute, people for just having them. Spaying, neutering and regualtion, would be a much better investment. Folks, if you do not agree with this Please write Gov. Linda Lingle, in Honolulu, HI. it will get to her. Let them know you will not visit Hawaii, and will tell others not too. Our economy is in the tank now, because of an already low visitation rate. During the boom they may not have listenend, however now they are ready to beg visitors, to come here.
I rescue all breeds, any one who is having difficulty, but I have very high standards, and believe that rehabilitation occurs best in a loving home. Please write; and you can phone the Governor too.

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Mar 17, 2009

It may be one of those laws that has a "grandfather clause" so that dogs adopted previously are not included.

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Amanda E.

Mar 16, 2009

You might want to ask a someone I found on this website. Do a search for the user name "Animallawattorney" Maybe she could answer your question. I asked about animal cruelty laws and hope to get an answer.

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