Q: How to stop a orphan foal from mouthing you

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How to stop a orphan foal from mouthing you

I have an orphan foal that we raised on a bucket. His mother never produced milk beyond the colostrum. So we had to bucket rear him. Every time we have him out or go in his stall he wants to suck on us. He is not interested in biting, he is truly sucking. He is almost a year old, will be a year in May. So his size is becoming a factor with this behavior. I correct him verbally, by sternly saying NO then push his muzzle away. I do not want to hurt him or make him head shy. So any suggestion would be appreciated. The old school horse trainers say wack him. I do not have that in me and I think that I would be dealing with other issues. CC is a genuine baby. We provide stall balls and other toys for him but his attraction is people. He will not nurse or suckle other weanling when turned out with them. He will normally stand in a corner and chomp as if he is showing passiveness.

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Serena E.

Mar 12, 2008

when a foal get's weaned by the mother she will pull her leg up to keep the foal from nursing, or turn and nib at him. the problem is that he see's you as the food provider. so you are going to have to put your self in the "mother horse" role. when he come's up and startes this, keep the "NO" coming but also reach over and pinch him, and even turn away with your arm brushing against him (as if you are pushing him away)
i always nursed a foal with a mommy subsetute. a horse blanket hanging from the stall wall filled with straw and at feeding time there came a big bottle out from under it. was so much easyer the wean them after. and they keept the mother foal bond because we always used the blanket that smelled like mom.

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