Q: how to set up a dwarf rabbits cage

September 11, 2008 | By Isa2299 | 2 answers | Expired: 2692 days ago

I will get a drawf rabbit soon and I need to how to care for it.

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hallie m.

Sep 19, 2008

The best resource for all things rabbit: www.rabbit.org/

I agree with the previous poster as well, except on two points. First, pine is bad. very very bad. The oils have been known to make small animals sick. Cedar is also a no-no. For litter/bedding, try Carefresh or some store brand similar. Much safer for the rabbit. Second, rabbits play A LOT. My Ryo always loved her slinky (the plastic kind, not the metal ones), and I'd hear her rattling it all all times of the night. She also loved stuffed animals, hard little cat balls, and toilet paper/paper towel tubes. Just be sure to supervise your rabbit at all times with any toys you give.

Best of luck!

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Amie B.

Sep 12, 2008

If you've already got the cage, you're doing well. All you need now is bedding, a litter box, litter, maybe a snuggle toy and food and water containers.

Pine is a great bedding for bunnies because it's nice and soft and it smells great without being overpowerful. Aspen bedding isn't usually recommended because a lot of rodents and small animals actually get skin allergies and end up biting and pulling out their hair.

A good litter box is a corner box (it's a triangle) with a cup or two of regular clay kitty litter in it to encourage your little bunny to actually use it.

A hard weighted plastic feeding dish is good so when the bunny gets up on the edge, it doesn't dump all over but sometimes bunnies prefer their food in their bedding and will dump it on purpose. A water bottle that feeds in from the outside is the safest bet for that since a water bowl will easily get dumped and the wet bedding can mold and cause illness.

Bunnies don't play an awful lot, but you could get a jingle bell type of cat toy to test it out, and a stuffed animal (no plastic or button eyes or anything that could choke if they come off) to snuggle with is a nice thing to give as well.

You'll also want to buy some bunny wash and alfalfa for the occasional treat. A lot of bunnies like yogurt treats and other sort of grains. Talk to a pet specialist at your local petstore to be sure what type of feed you need.

Good luck!!

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