Q: How To intruduce cats to one another?

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Teddy is my 16 year old female cat and Shorty is my 8 year old male cat and Then Charlie is new to my home and Charlie is a 3 year old male cat. How do I go about intruducing Teddy and Shorty to Charlie so that there is not a fight I would like them to all get along of course Shorty and Charlie are just my foster cats but still I need them to get along and at night Charlie would be much happier if he could sleep in my room with me Teddy, Shorty and my dog Skitters. Skitters and Charlie get along fine. Also Charlie likes other cats and Teddy is usually fine when meeting a new cat except this time they are all up to date on shots and all three are spayed and nuetered and they are all healthy so I find it weird that Teddy and Shorty are having problems this time. So How do I intruduce them they are use to Charlies smell they don't have a problem if my hands smell like him but if they see him they hiss and growl. How do I go about this?

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May 25, 2011

It's a whole new ballgame now that Charlie is in their territory. I've had cats get along famously outside, but not so much when the "outsider" comes inside the other's home. You have to go slow & let your cats get used to having another cat in the house. Keep Charlie separated, just like you would any other new cat. Start your introductions slowly. Your house has all your kitties' smells in it, but none of Charlie's, so he may feel vulnerable too. He's in new, uncharted territory. Keep Charlie separated, let them smell each other & play under the door. Since they do all know each other, start some play session with all of them. Use a wand toy or something similar so you can control the action & encourage them to play together. If they don't want to play together, let them play separately in the same room. Dangle the toy first for one, then the other, let each have aturn with playing. If anyone gets hissy or picks a fight, stop the play session, separate them & let them all calm down & process what happened. Once everyone is calm, start over. Feed them in the same room. Again, if someone gets hissy or picks a fight, separate them. Help them associate pleasurable things with being together. Offer rewards for good behavior: treats, playtime, dinner. They'll soon be thinking, "Hey, good things happen when this guy is around!"

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