Q: how to help strays?

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one of the strays in my area is a pregnant female who i would guess is about 2, maybe 3 weeks away from delivering. IF we are able to get her and her kittens, i really can't afford it. i've estimated about $500 for a typical litter size of 4-6.

i may be able to cut down that cost if i can get the kittens fixed for free. sometimes a local group will help w/that, but even if they do, i still need donations.

on our website, we do have a donations page - but it has only ever seen a single donation.

what i need is to create interest in this cat, in a way that will set her apart from all the other cats. i was thinking of setting up a sponsorship for the kittens, maybe even making certificates such as wildlife sponsorships. i'd really like to give them something for their money other than my gratitude.

the problem is that someone as small time as me isn't exactly where people want to put their money. if they can afford it, they'd rather donate to an established rescue.

any ideas of how to pull people into helping?

the story alone isn't enough. we tried that w/a hurt cat last year, which is how we got our single donation.

currently, we don't have access to her, nor could we trap her. she is, however, the only cat who will use the dog house we've set up for the strays. we're working on making the dog house a little more cozy and secluded hoping she'll give birth in there.

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Bonnie  M.

Mar 08, 2010

I know this won't answer your question as to fund raising, but as a one time aid to this kitty and her situation, have you tried United Animal Nations. It is a national group that does all kinds of rescue and help. They have funds that they use to help people such as yourself to pay for things like surgeries, etc. when you are in dire need and do not have the money. You would have to fill out an application, but you could give them a try for this situation. They may even be able to help you with ideas for fundraising.

Have you also tried Alley Cat Allies and Alley Cat Rescue? Two national groups that help peopel with feral cat colonies. Maybe they would have some ideas for you. Hope something helps. I knowm how hard it is to cope with a pregannt kitty (and then her babies). I've done it myself and it is emotioanly trying and very expensive.

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Mar 11, 2010

i've noticed that many of the groups out there that offer a little something to their donors...well, often what you get in return will be fairly dinky. it could be something as simple as a nice photograph of the animals they're helping, suitable for framing, or exclusive email updates. i can definitely see where it would be harder being "small time". anything that could get you significant attention and publicity would be great.

are there any "local celebrities" that you might be able to get behind your cause? they could help draw attention to your cause and possibly help raise funds in a more direct way as well, perhaps offering autographed memorabilia and such that could be auctioned or raffled. for example...Donna Douglas, who played "Elly May Clampett" on The Beverly Hillbillies TV show, is actually a not-too-distant cousin of mine who lives in the area and shares my passion for animal welfare. while i've never actually met her, if i were in your position, i'd sure be getting in touch with her!

there's always the option of a kind of "fund-raising contest", for lack of a better way of putting it...the kind of thing where "if our supporters donate $XX, so-and-so will do such-and-such". i can't think of any really good examples off the top of my head, but again, a local celebrity could come in handy for something like this.

have you applied for any grants? the library i work for actually has a special room devoted to information on grants and obtaining them.

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