Q: How to get my cats to loose weight?

September 9, 2011 | By Catlady57 | 4 answers | Expired: 1600 days ago

I have several cats that need to loose weight. Right now I'm trying science diet R D . It's a slow process. Does anyone have a better and maybe less expensive idea?I have taken them to the vet and they are healthy other than the weight. They get very stressed outside. So walking is not an option.

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Sep 17, 2011

Cats are carnivores. They can't digest grains and other carbs. The way they get their nutrition from grains and other sources of carbs in the wild is from eating the predigested version from the bodies of fresh kills. That way the work has already been done and the food has been broken down into something their bodies can absorb. Unfortunately, money makes the world go round and Science Diet pays vets to push their product even though it's an inferior food. I don't even feed my kidney cats their prescription food. Even though the price tag may make them look more expensive, the premium, grain-free foods are best. Cats eat less, use more of the food as energy, and ultimately produce less waste too. Lean proteins are better for weight control than carbs. There are some excellent grain-free foods out there. Also make sure your cats gets plenty of exercise opportunities. Provide toys and places to climb...lots of stimulation. Use interactive toys like Da Bird or laser pointers to keep their attention. There are also things like food distribution balls where you put the food inside the ball and the cats have to work to get the food out. PetSafe SlimCat is one version, but there are many out there.

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Sep 14, 2011

I'd go with a good cat food like Wellness. Science Diet is mostly grains so it leaves the cat feeling hungry faster and wanting to eat more. Wellness has no fillers, so they eat less and have more energy. B/c it's so high in protein, it also lasts longer in their bellies.

You'll want to play with them for 15 minutes before they eat, and you can feed them either twice a day or three times. I prefer three times a day b/c you can keep the servings smaller. I use Wellness and they eat between 1/8th of a cup to 1/4th of a cup per serving. It's ends up being just over half a cup a day and it's very rare that they'll eat everything in their bowl.

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Aura L.

Sep 11, 2011

Hi Catlady,

It is much trickier to get cats to lose weight than dogs, because you can't "exercise" them the same way. I have one cat that is overweight, but the other 3 are normal which makes it even more difficult!

If all your cats are overweight, you might have more success since you can just reduce all of their intake.

You were probably recommended by the vet for the Science Diet. This is a big "pet peave" of mine since this food is not very nutritious, but a very big commission-based product for vet clinics.

I would recommend first switching them from this grain-based food to a denser wet food with more meat and moisture content. Your cats will eat less but stay fuller longer. (Like the human equivalent of a bowl of oatmeal and egg-white omelet versus a big sugary muffin!) Quality foods are pricier, but they go farther.

A website with a thorough overview of what to look for in a cat food is this one:


Another way to help them lose weight is to just play with them for 10-15 minutes a day. My cats love those fishing wand toys with the feathers at the end, they jump and run all over the place! A laser toy works well too. Of course if your cats are uninterested in playing, you just have to focus more on the food restriction.

It is very important that your cats don't lose more than 1/2 pound per month. Any more is "starvation mode" and they can suffer irreversible kidney damage as a result. Usually, the measurements on the can are your best guideline, according to my vet.

Good Luck!

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Sep 09, 2011

They may need to go to the vet some of them may have diabetes I am diabetic and it is very hard for me to loose weight but very easy for me to gain weight, I would also suggest plenty of exersice play with them make an outdoor inclosure for them and put stuff up for them to play with out there, Also if your cats like going outside and you have a dog that you walk or you go for walks leash train the cats and take them for walks.

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