Q: how to convince hubby to keep dog inside

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how to convince hubby to keep dog inside

I found my chihuahua Feb 28th roaming streets and was thrilled when my husband came around to agreeing to let me keep him. He'd been raised on a farm where all animals, including dogs, always stay outside. He let the dog on the couch and even in our bed because at first he thought it would be temporary. Now the dog still marks and poops in the house, especially the kids room and our room on the carpet. he also marks in the living room. he's 2, and was "intact" when i found him, but had him neutered in March. I take him out more than 3 times a day. So this is a problem as well as barking, ferociously at times. We live in a condo now, but will be moving to a house with a nice yard next week. hubby is convinced he should now be an outside dog. help! i've bonded so much with the dog (the kids have too, but not as much) and love to have him with me all the time. making concessions is possible: only allowed in certain rooms, use a dog gate, etc., but hubby still wants him to spend as much time outside as possible. advice?

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Jul 16, 2012

It would probably be easier to convince your hubby to do the right thing by this dog if he were trained (the dog, not the hubby). Start house training him as if he were a new puppy. He probably has never been trained and was either kept outside or thrown outside by lazy people who blamed him for his messes even though it was their fault for not training him. Take him out every two hours and use potty commands when you do. Take him out first thing in the morning, as soon as you wake up, before you feed him. This way you're training him to know what is expected of him. Don't punish his messes but praise him every time he goes outside. When you see that he's getting antsy and starts roaming around or sniffing floors, take him outside even if you just took him. Keep him out there until he does his business. When you can't keep an eye on him either crate him or confine him to a small area. I def wouldn't try to train him to the toilet as Ches suggested. A little dog like that could easily drown in a toilet if he slipped in and besides, I doubt hubby would be too thrilled about going to the toilet and finding pee and poop in it and probably on it considering the small size of a chi. As far as the barking, dogs bark for a lot of reasons: to stake out their territory, alert their pack (which would be you), express their needs, when they're isolated or separated from their pack (again, you), learned behavior because they've inadvertently received a reward in the past for barking (i.e.: someone gave them a treat to get them to shut up), lack of physical and mental stimulation, stress, attention, poor socialization. That being said, chis are fearless little dogs and are known to be barkers. You have to find out why he is barking. Is someone or something outside, is someone or something pestering him, is he telling you he needs to go outside, he's hungry, thirsty, etc, etc? First remove the motivation for barking. Close the windows and/or blinds so he can't bark at the neighbors or whatever else is outside, make sure he's taken outside regularly and often not just to potty but to expend some of that pent up energy. Chis are high energy little things. They need outlets to get rid of that energy. That's one of the reasons they shake and shiver is because they have pent up energy they need to let out. Use positive reinforcement to control his barking. Reward and praise him simulataneously at the exact moment he responds and stops or doesn't bark. Never reward the barking. Even yelling is a reward because it's attention. Consider taking him to a trainer if you can't train him. There are several training videos avail. online to help get you started if you want to take on the training yourself. Remember, the more isolated he is from his family, the more he's going to rely on barking for attention.

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Jul 13, 2012

Well since the dog is healthy explain to him that this is a small dog some one could take the dog very easily if left outside or a large bird could get him you have a say in this cause it is your house too I would try crate training him animals are not gonna want to potty where they sleep also chihuahua's are crafty smart little dogs most of them at rescued paws know how to climb over a chain link fence so they need supervision when outside potty pads can be used too also you can litter box train him that way maybe if he decides to go in the house he will use the litter box or you can train him to use the tiolet.

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