Q: How soon can you start giving kittens kitty food?

January 24, 2009 | By Wanettamarie | 13 answers | Expired: 2149 days ago

How soon can you start giving kittens kitty food?

My kittens are now 3 weeks old, and I was wondering when I can start giving them Kitty food

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Sharon B.

Jan 25, 2009

It may be too soon but you maybe you can try when they are 4 weeks. You should try a mix of wet and dry. I am a foster parent for kittens at our local shelter and a good dry food that is very small and works for younger kittens is Royal Canin Babycat 34. This Cat Food is for 1st stage kittens during weaning and intense growth (0-4 months). Babycat 34 is the first step feeding solution exclusive to Royal Canin that is specifically designed for very young kittens from weaning to 4 months.

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Jan 24, 2009

You can offer them a gruel of canned cat food and warm water to thin the food at about 4.5 weeks. They will still need and take the mothers milk for at least 5 more weeks. I hope you spay the mom.

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Helena P.

Feb 01, 2009

Usually at around 4 weeks. Sometimes a curious kitten will try out kitty food at three weeks, but they aren't too successful at getting enough to keep them full. They usually become frustrated & give up. It's better to give kitten food rather than adult cat food. The kibble is smaller, easier for them to bite and it conatains more vitamins. You can moisten the food by mixing it with canned cat food, kitten formula, or water. Be prepared for them to make a big mess, lol. Like wearing their food & getting it all over the place. This is normal. Just think like a human baby starting out. We were all messy at one time.

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