Q: How should we prepare to become Maltese owners?

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Our family has been looking into getting a maltese. We've found them to be very child friend, intelligent, fun family dogs. We have a 4 and 2 year old. We are pretty sure that we're going to buy a 6 and 1/2 month old from a family nearby. What should we do, learn, buy, etc. in order to be best prepared. I read one of the articles about the problems following nuetering at this age. He's not nuetered yet, but we will certainly have him nuetered. Help us get ready!!

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Jun 16, 2009


First thing you need to do is stock up on basic grooming tools. These dogs, even when kept short in a puppy trim ger knotted around the ears, face and tail. A soft wire slicker brush, a stainless steel comb, and some detangling grooming spray will be your best friends. :o) Prepare to pay to have the dog professionally groomed every 4-6 weeks-yup-even when kept short. Find a reliable groomer in your area and set up a schedule-you might want to wait until he recovers from his neuter if you are having him fixed right away.

I would also invest in a crate or puppy pen to keep him in when you cannot supervise interaction between the dog and your little ones and when you leave the house. Proper interaction between the dog and especially your 2 year old is critical-make sure your children learn to not tug on tails or play with ears...Maltese can be fragile but WILL bite like any dog if they feel threatened. The puppy pen or crate should NEVER be used as punishment and make it fun-put lots of toys and special treats he only gets in there. A plastic Vari-Kennel crate is great for car rides and taking him to the groomers/vets. Make sure its only big enough for him to stand, sit, lay down and turn around. You want a crate for safety, not a condo. LOL

Also, sign up for a basic obedience class-this will increase the bond between your dog and your older child will have fun helping you train the dog. Make sure you find a class that uses positive reinforcement.

Also, get lots of toys and treats and a soft bed for him to call his own. I would use a harness rather than a collar on Toy breeds like him-collars can be too tough on the neck.

That should cover it...Good luck!

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Jun 16, 2009

a maltese requires tons of grooming if you want to maintain the show coat but if you want the short fur you just need to maintain a short hair cut on them. If you have the money for tons of grooming or can do it yourself for free than I say go for it. Maybe pay attention to the show on animal planet called dogs 101 they tell all about any akc breeds such as the maltese. Also do not leave them with nothing to do small dogs are very clever and if not given activities so that they don't get bored then they can get themselves in to alot of trouble.

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Jun 16, 2009

lot of good answers here... contact a vet, sometimes if you can have a sit down with them & discuss different things about a puppys health, the puppy package they offer & things like that...

consider gettin your puppy microchipped... it comes in very handy if he/she ever gets out & they are some that will even provide upto a certain dollar amount if your puppy is ever involved in an accident & you are not there/unable to get him to a vet...

chewies chewies chewies are a must... puppies love to chew...

jerzgirl is right on the money with obedience classes... you will have a tighter bond with your puppy & a much happier puppy...

harnesses are a lot better on walks then a regular collar... not that you cant have that to tho... all mine have thier collars, but when goin for a walk they get their harness... & with a little dog, it might sound mean what i did, but i would do it all over again, a mean dog came out of no where while i was walkin 1 of my little fosters & tried to attack... with the harness on, i was able to yank him up out of harms way, into my arms without hurting him, while a friend scared the big dog off...

good luck with your new pup... :o)

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