Q: How many times in a day is normal?

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I have a shih tzu's who's 13 months old. She drinks water but she only pees twice in a day. Is this normal? How many times is normal for a small dog to pee in a day?

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Dec 26, 2011

A healthy adult dog should urinate at least every eight to ten hours. Many dogs go more than that, but often they're marking more than having a need to urinate.Make sure her urine is not dark or cloudy in color as that could indicate that her urine is too concentrated or some other problem. The actual frequency can vary based on how much sodium and glucose is in the diet and how much water is consumed. Larger dogs have larger bladder capacity than small dogs and can go without urinating through the entire night. Smaller dogs need to be taken out more frequently, but in most cases, they can also go through the night without urinating. Typically, normal daily urinary output in dogs is less than 20 milliliters per pound. Give her plenty of opportunities to urinate by taking her outside first thing in the morning, after she eats, after play, and before bedtime, as well as a few other times a day to develop a habit for her to go. If urination seems too infrequent, you should seek the advice of your veterinarian.

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Dec 25, 2011

No I would say this isn't normal I would take her to a vet, also how much and how many times a day depend on the dog but only going two times a day is not normal I have a rat terrier she goes potty about five to 6 times a day and my grandma has a miniture poodle and she goes about 4 times a day and every time after she eats but it is very little but she has some health issues. please take her to a vet good luck and merry christmas!

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