Q: How long does the average Great Dane live?

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I have always loved the great danes but have been a little scared to get one because of the size. I was told a long time ago that they do not live very long because they are do large..is this true? Also are there other health issues to be aware of with this breed?

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Oct 06, 2008

i had a 54 lb lab mutt who lived till she was 4 years. We then got a German shepard mix and a great dane. We didn't know the great dane was pregnant when we got her so now we have her puppy too(2 in the litter, one survived).
i dont care how long they live but i do care about giving them the best life they can have. Death at any age is painful to us, but we should enjoy their time with us and the pleasure they give us is unmeasurable.

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Mark J.

Oct 15, 2008

Great Danes generally live 8-10 years, but with great nutrition they can live to be 12-14. As for health issues they have slow metabolisms like all giant dogs. Bloating is very common in Danes b/c of the metabolism. Hip Dysplasia is common also. Congenital heart disease problems are also a common ailment in Great Danes. Great Danes also suffer from several genetic disorders that are specific to the breed. Like, if a Great Dane lacks color (white) near its eyes or ears then that organ does not develop properly which in turns makes the dog either deaf, blind or both.

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jodi d.

Oct 18, 2008

I grew up w/ a best friend who had 2 danes. The first one lived about 12 years and the 2nd one lived about 9 years. Both dogs were HUGE. One weighed about 240 lbs and the 2nd about 260lbs. AWESOME dogs...........

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