Q: How effective is the Furminator for preventing mats?

February 10, 2009 | By Jessica B. | 13 answers | Expired: 2044 days ago

How effective is the Furminator for preventing mats?

I just ordered the small version of the Furminator on-line to use on our three long haired cats. I had heard great things about the brush, mainly that it prevented shedding very well. I was wondering if anyone has used the product and whether it noticeably aided in preventing and taking out mats as well? Our one cat, just adopted, is very prone to matting and I'm hoping this brush will help more than the others we already have.

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Sue O.

Feb 11, 2009

I would not consider the Furminator to be a matting comb. It is great for keeping undercoat in check and shedding in any form but they do warn about using it on non-shedding dogs which would lead me to believe that it is going to pull on anything that is attached which would include mats.

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Debra B.

Feb 11, 2009

I have used the Furminator on medium haired and short haired cats. I find with regular use, this does decrease the amount of cat fur on my furniture and clothing. My cats are strictly indoor, so the longer haired ones aren't that prone to matting. I would not use it on a mat as my first recourse, but would clip into the mat with scissors and then try parting the mat with fingers. If a lot of soil or feces is involved, then I try to cut off the fur as close to the skin as possible and wouldn't try to use any kind of brush or comb. My short haired cat, who has trouble reaching places due to her large size, is the cat that I get the most fur off after using the Furminator. When the weather warms up in the spring, I have the biggest shedding and fur problem. Several of my cats won't tolerate the Furminator or brushing of any kind, so I have to be sneaky and get in a few strokes while they are napping. I have had a medium haired cat with no undercoat who hardly left any fur in the Furminator after brushing, and a medium haired cat with an undercoat who produced so much fur after brushing that I could have knitted a new stuffed cat with the brushings. The Furminator is a bit pricey, but an effective grooming tool.

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synola w.

Feb 12, 2009

i dont know about cats, but it works great on my dogs!!! and ive been told you dont have to purchase a seperate one for both, just in case you do have dogs and cats.

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