Q: How do you stop a "Morkie" from barking all the time?

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Our pup is ten months old, and when she wants to bark, there is no shutting her up. We tried the spray bottle, to no avail, putting her in her cage dosen't do it either, any other suggestions?

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Elisa D.

Feb 10, 2009

There are several things that you can do, without using a shock collar on a puppy (or any dog). Particularly with a puppy, the shock collar is going to damage her trust in you if you use it.

(1) Make sure that she's getting plenty of exercise - an unexercised dog is a bored dog with lots of energy. This little thing will work wonders in correcting a lot of behavioral problems. Including barking.
(2) I wonder in what situations your dog is barking - start to pay attention to that, because is it when she's scared/nervous, excited, wanting your attention? If it's because of wanting your attention - because even you yelling at her is giving her attention - the way to train her out of it is to ignore her when she barks and once she stops wait 5 seconds and then give her your attention. She'll learn that she needs to be quiet in order to get your affection.
(3) The canned air is a good idea - make sure that you use it where she can't tell where it's coming from.
(4) Teach her the "enough/quiet" command. Because you might want her to bark sometimes, but then stop when you want her to. Step in between her and what's she's barking at (so that you have her attention) and say in a strong voice "enough!" Make it strong and she should pause - then reward.
(5) Teach her the "bark" commend - this is pretty easy - when she's barking wait for a slight pause and then say "bark" and reward her when she barks. She'll connect the command quickly. And once she's mastered the bark, then you can teach "quiet."
(6) Use a time out. If she doesn't stop barking, silently put her in a timeout space away from you and leave her until she is calm. Wait a few minutes and bring her back out. The minute she barks again, take her back into time out.

I always recommend training with treats - because dogs love yummy things like chicken. It's not bribing them, it's motivating them. And if you do it right, you can taper off the treats and they will just obey the command.

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Pia S.

Feb 10, 2009

First of all you have to find out why the dog is barking and what is triggering the dog to bark. Behaviors that are reinforcing continue, so obviously, the dog is getting rewarded. However, this is not necessarily true if it's anxiety-driven. There is a great little book called Help! I'm Barking and Can't Be Quiet by Drs. Daniel Estep and Suzanne Hetts. You can purchase it from their site - www.animalbehaviorassociates.com. Further, I will be interviewing Dr. Estep next week on barking problems which you can listen to on Teachers Pet on www.petliferadio.com. Good luck!

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Feb 09, 2009

When she starts on a barking jag, redirect her attention with some training command practice. When she gets those down, a 'come', 'sit', 'stay' should keep her quiet (along with a nice chewie or biscuit to keep her busy for a while).

And make sure she's getting a daily walk or two so she's using that excess energy and she's sure who her pack leader is--why she has to listen to you.

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