Q: how do you punish a dog?

November 1, 2012 | By Bindisowner | 2 answers | Expired: 1179 days ago

my dog wont listen to bad or no so what do i do?

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Nov 02, 2012

Your dog isn't going to know what the word "no" means until he or she is trained to that word. A correction needs to accompany the word "no" and needs to occur simultaneously or immediately following the command. The correction can be a squirt of water in the face, a loud noise such as shaking a can with pebbles or pennies inside, moving to block a behavior, a flick on the nose, etc. Say the word in a firm voice. Don't raise your voice; this will only frighten and/or confuse your dog. Just keep it controlled and firm. Always use the same command and correction to avoid confusion. Immediately after the command and correction, lead your dog away from the behavior and redirect his or her attention with a favorite toy. Praise him/her as soon as he/she follows your command and correction and stops the behavior. Be consistent and your dog will learn to associate the stern command and correction with the bad behavior, as well as the praise with the good behavior. Always reinforce a positive response with some kind of praise.

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Nov 01, 2012

I use a squirt bottle with just some water and squirt Abby and say no when you say no your vioce has to be firm but don't yell water doesn't work of course if the dog likes water you should maybe take your dog to some training classes and also you might start using a head collar on walks, I have also found time out to be a good method if they will not listen tell them go to bed send them to a room and shut them in that room or put them in their crate you can't put them in the backyard for a time out cause alot of dogs will think it is a treat instead of a punishment from what I have found hope this helps.

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