Q: How do you lift a medium or large dog?

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My grandparents are unable to lift their dog anymore and have asked me to help them give him a bath. The easiest place to give him a bath is in the tubs in the basement, but this requres lifting him three or four feet up into the tub. He's twelve years old and is used to this - and hates baths. He knows me well (I love spending time at my grandparents' playing with him and I walk and brush him regularly!) and is about 40 pounds. I have no problem lifting that much weight, but I'm concerned about lifting an unwilling (and fairly large) squirming dog. What is the best way to lift a dog this size so that he is comfortable and feels secure?

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May 12, 2012

Most people agree that the best way to lift and/or carry a larger dog is to place one arm in front of him, across the front of the shoulders and chest and the other arm behind him across his hindquarters. This way you're supporting his head and butt and not putting any stress or pressure on his ribcage or abdomen. Make sure that your front arm is low enough across his chest and shoulders that it isn't putting any pressure on his throat. He should be able to rest his head in the crook of your arm. Hold him close in to your body to make him feel even more secure.

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