Q: how do you keep your dog from peeing on the furniture

December 26, 2012 | By Dambma001 | 1 answer | Expired: 1129 days ago

He is 10 yrs old he's a pug great dog gets mad when we leave has dog door but pees on the furniture or just in the houe when we have to go to work I'm just so tired of cleaning it and the smell

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Dec 27, 2012

First off has he always done this or did it just start recently he is 10 years old it could be a health issue if it is not that maybe he is just too nervous to go outside when you are gone I know my grandma's poodle Cricket is that way and most of the smaller breeds will have bladder issues need out more or they have potty issues when they are nervous or worried I walked a chihuahua last weekend that was in the rescue and she pottied for me but she got so scared just being outside that she rolled over on her back and peed all over herself just because the traffic was scareing her you could try an indoor potty or maybe try crate training or if your dog is male then you can get a wrap and try that if you just adopted him then maybe you should take him with you he just might be a dog that has to go everywhere with you or he could need to be neutered if he is not neutered there are so many possibilities when you leave out so many things such as gender, how long you have had the dog and if it is fixed.

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