Q: How do you give Guinea Pigs a Bath

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Luke W.

How do you give Guinea Pigs a bath

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May 03, 2009

I wash mine in a large bowl in the tub in case they try and jump out. I add a small amount of warm water to it and place the guinea pig in. I use Selsun Blue with Aloe and work up a later with that water everywhere except on their head. To rinse, I take them out of the bowl and let them roam in the tub while I rinse. I use a large cup and pour lukewarm water on them. I make sure I don't get any in their eyes, ears or nose. Make sure ALL the shampoo is out. I use a damp cloth to wash around their face. I take them out and blot dry with a towel. I transfer them to another towel and use a blow dryer on low, warm setting to dry them all over. Drafts are dangerous to them so they must be dry. I comb them with a fine tooth comb to get out snarls, etc. I rarely bathe mine; only if they have a lot of debris in their fur or if they have an odor. Hope this helps. There is no need to buy expensive guinea pig shampoos. Selsun Blue with Aloe is recommended by guinea pig experts. The guinea pig rescue I volunteer with (Critter Corral) recommends it.

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Kayla L.

May 11, 2009

I've never heard of using Selsen Blue on guinea pigs. They are always recommending to use baby shampoo because of how gentle it is. I use bunny bath. I wash them one or two at a time in the sink, or get adventurous and wash four or more in the tub. Make the water comfortable but not too hot or they will overheat. in the tub I spray them down with the lighter setting of the showerhead and in the sink i just use my hands to direct the faucet flow.

Towel dry and then blow dry. Slicker brush for the long haired ones and a military boar brush for the more manageable coats and that brush was like $2 at Sally Beauty.

Be prepared to do nails and clean ears as well before you put them back

Don't get the water in their ears or their face. Sides are ok but nothing that they will fuss with.

Clipping Piggy nails? Kitten nail clippers. Ears are gentle cotton swab and Epi Otic

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