Q: How do you get rid of bad doggy breath?

March 1, 2009 | By angelle f. | 10 answers | Expired: 2025 days ago

angelle f.

my dog has really bad breath and i don't know what to do about it. what are some ways to get it to smell better?

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Erik B.

Mar 03, 2009

It could be infection or diet, but if not it's probably about regular cleaning. I used to brush my dogs' teeth once a month but then a trainer gave me this tip: give them uncooked, beef soup-bones. They LOVE them and they can then gnaw on them for weeks, months even. The texture of the uncooked bone means that the bone won't splinter (so no choking risk) and the gnawing action cleans their teeth beautifully. We give our dogs as many as one a week sometimes so eventually we have to throw out a dozen or so of the older ones once they become ridiculous. I haven't brushed my dogs' teeth in more than a year and their breath does not stink at all. (I recommend giving them the bone outside until they get the residual meat cleaned off the outside and the marrow cleaned out of the inside otherwisse your floors could get messy).

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Mary T.

Mar 01, 2009

My first question would be how old and what breed is the dog, If the dog needs a dental you not will be helping the odor , put also helping reduce the possiblity of other diseases related to peridontal disease. Regular cleaning is a must

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Laura Z.

Mar 01, 2009

** As I already typed this in the toothpaste question, I copied it from that answer and added a few more specific to this topic**

I foster dogs for the Central Missouri Humane Society, so I am always trying to find quick ways to get rid of bad breath... I prefer "Denta Clean" for brands of tooth paste, and I really like the tooth brushes that are (tri-brushes) angled in to get all sides at once as most dogs do not like to sit still for this task. You can find these at CHAIN pet stores.... I have not seen them at some of the local stores.
One other thing you can do is limit "soft/plush" toys or at least make sure to launder them regularly as they hold bacteria and are often a LEADING cause of bad breath.
You can also find doggie breath sprays at any CHAIN pet store.
I am a BIG fan of "Breath Buster" treats by pedigree.... you can find these at grocery stores and pet stores alike.... All my dogs have loved them and they seem to significantly improve their "I just licked myself clean" breath....

If it is an anal gland thing, you can manually "express" them yourself to remove excess fluid from the glands.... no dietary change is necessary... to do this, simply grab some toilet paper, a nice thick folded wad, and pinch as if to pop a very large pimple... you should be able to feel the glands easily as you hold up the tail to the sides of the anus... Start out by gently squeezing to find the glands and then push in slightly right to the out side of the glands and squeeze until the fluid releases.... If you are planning on doing this, I recommend doing it right before a bath, as some of the fluid will get on the hair and it has a pretty foul smell.... if you keep their glands clean, the dogs are less likely to lick them, in turn, better breath....

Hope this helps!!

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