Q: How do you get members?

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For those of you active in the membership process (meaning membership like "Proud Supporter of the Humane Society of X" that you base your mailings and voting rights off of, NOT at all ZooToo related!) of your group, what sort of things do you do to get members? I know people are going to say "Have a membership drive" but what exactly does that mean? What has worked for you and what hasn't?

For those of you who aren't involved in your group's membership efforts but ARE a member of animal welfare groups, what makes you decide to become a member? The newsletter? The events? What do you consider before mailing in that check or handing over that cash? What makes you want to be a member and what makes you pass?

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Meg S.

Feb 05, 2009

Our shelter's members do not have voting rights but instead get our newsletter, discounts at our gift shop and sometimes discounts to certain events.
Our members come from prospect mailings and we make every adopter and attendee at one of our dog training classes a member.
We have found that our members have usually had an interaction with our shelter (via adioption or animal control),have attended an event or want to volunteer. None of them like premiums as they want all of their donation to be used for the animals and not wasted on other things.

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Michele C.

Feb 03, 2009

Have Off-Site Days where you have Zootoo volunteers actually show people HOW to sign up and navigate the site. ost people findthe process overwhelming. Understanding gives them incentive to be an active participant

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Feb 07, 2009

Before donating to local animal groups/shelters, I want to know three things: (1) Tell me specific good reasons why you need my donation; (2) How accomodating are you to volunteers who are willing to help, but not necessarily in the usual ways; and (3) Do you utilize your available resources in the best ways possible -- information-packed newsletters, regular PSAs, etc.

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