Q: How do you add a photo to your Pick List?

October 28, 2008 | By Anonymous | 2 answers | Expired: 2207 days ago


I've done it before, but for the life of me can't seem to figure it out now.

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Carol L.

Oct 28, 2008

When someone has posted a picture and you click on it to open and review the picture you see blue boxes at the bottom, one is where you click to leave a comment, the one to left of that says " add to pick list" then a dialog box opens so you can write a short comment and then it goes to your pick list..

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daryl b.

Oct 29, 2008

carol i was wondering that myself when someone makes a comment on one of my pics and i go to it and i just did i don't see the blue bow for adding to my pick list like i do for journals. i just went to a comment on docs pic and i look and didn't see it. i liked the pic so i wanted to save it.i must be missing something

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