Q: How do I stop my dog from chasing people?

June 28, 2010 | By Mary T. | 1 answer | Expired: 2042 days ago

Mary T.

My dog hates the postman. The postman carries treats. The dog takes the treat, and still chases the postman away. What’s wrong with this picture?

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Unless those are low-calorie treats, your dog will get fat and your mail delivery will be delayed. To stop your dog from chasing the mailman, give the dog a trick to perform when the mail comes.

Besides junk mail, bills and treats, your postman probably carries pepper spray — and that could be next. Without deconstructing your dog’s dislike of skinny legs in blue uniform shorts, let’s develop a trick to impress Mr. or Ms. Mail Carrier.

How about “Down-Stay”? The ultimate cue will be the sound (or sight) sight of the carrier’s approach (by foot or truck) but you will have to be there (in the learning phase) to give, enforce, and reward your voice command. Discuss this ahead of time with the postal carrier. He should not give the reward — you should — because his bribes are part of the problem.

You both want the dog to automatically assume the “down-stay” position — even when you’re not present to enforce and reward this clever trick.

Wait ‘til they hear about this at the post office.

Thanks to the vets at BluePearl Veterinary Partners (bluepearlvet.com) for this answer.

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