Q: How do I put weight on my cat??!!

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My boy is about 12 years old and has never had a problem holding weight, but he had to have a couple of teeth, one of them a molar, removed earlier this year.

He lost a few pounds in the meantime because he couldn't eat as well. After his bad teeth were taken out I kept him indoors and tried to bulk him up again with canned food and kitten milk for calories and, because his mouth was so sore of course.

I kept him in for a few weeks which he really, really hated! In that time period even though he did regain some of his lost weight he never got quite back to where he had previously been, weight that he promptly lost by running around outdoors again.

He is a difficult cat to feed since he only eats one kind of dry cat food, he barely touches anything except that. I can get him a can of wet food and he eats maybe a tsp of it and then I may as well toss the rest of the can since he won't touch it. I tired kitten milk, he wouldn't go near it. Then I tried a combo of canned food and kitten milk which is what I fed him as a baby (he was tiny and malnourished when I brought him home, feral litter...) and he wouldn't touch that either.

He adores the gravy in the dog's canned food though. I tried Vita Gravy and he turned his nose up at it. Same result with freshly cooked chicken and turkey.

I know cats can be finicky but this is ridiculous!


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Dec 09, 2012

Well first off you shouldn't let a cat outside in less they are in an inclosure I don't care if they have claws and teeth there are too many things that happen to cats outside I lost my Teddy last december she was a sweet cat but she was elderly and passed do to a heart attack or a stroke I am still not sure which it was but it is common for elderly cats to lose weight or gain weight so I am not sure what to say.

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