Q: How do I keep my dog from chewing up her bed?

February 8, 2010 | By Carrie C. | 3 answers | Expired: 1734 days ago

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Carrie C.

I adopted our 2 yr old pitbull last May and we have went through LOTS of beds... different shapes, different sizes, different textures. No luck. She has torn both of her ACLs and has a bit of arthiritus in both knees from the tears. She is crate trained and I feel terrible not putting something soft for her to lay on when she is in the crate but she chews up all of her beds. (YES, I place several toys with her in her crate as well (even a kong with treats) but she chooses to chew her bed instead). I have tried towels, blankets, quilts, fleece pads, clothes that smell like me, even memory foam but she destroys them. Pet beds... she chews them until she can get a hole in them and then rips out all of the stuffing whether it be foam or polyester fill. Blankets, towels, etc... she chews holes all in the them and when she gets a piece loose, she chews on it and tries to eat the loose pieces. Currently she sleeps on the couch but we are moving and she will not be allowed on the new furniture AT ALL. What can I do to keep her comfortable when in her crate or laying around the house withoutt throwing money down the drain on another destroyed pet bed??? Please help.
***Also she chews up pet beds when they are not in her crate (ex: by our bed) and she chews them up when we are home just as much as when we are gone. The only difference is if we can catch her in time we can stop her from completely destroying them.

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Tricia L.

Feb 08, 2010

Oh my gosh. My sasha does the SAME THING!!! I have gone thru 4 beds so far. I found that I can not leave them with her either. Now I just use fleece blankets. She doesnt chew them and even if she does it wont make as much of a mess as beds do. It looks like snow... tons an tons of fluffy snow. LOL
I dont know why they do this. It must be fun. My girl also destroys all of her stuffed animals. I just keep buying them because she likes them but I know she thinks its a game. Lets see how fast I can destroy this toy/bed. Crazy dogs. But your girl is sooo adorable I love her ears how they stand naturally!

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Feb 16, 2010

Konga chew toys were you put peanut butter inside of them or rawhydes are always good. Or look online for indestructable dog beds. You might try e-mailing Victoria Stillwell from it's me or the dog and ask her what to do I think on animal palnet .com is were you find it. May is a beautufuil dog by the way I have always wanted a pittbull.

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Feb 08, 2010

w/all else failing, you should focus your efforts on training her not. i can't even imagine how much you've spent thus far, but i do know you will continue to throw down large sums of money until it's corrected mentally.
b/c of the severity of his behavior, it will take a lot of dedication and time to really fix the problem. i would start w/the "leave it" command, which may or may not be all you need. if that fails, hire a dog behaviorist. it will cost you, but it will save you loads of money in the end. you can find one online {even it they're not in your area}, and ask about the methods they use. you want one that will use obedience training and positive association instead of techniques that are meant to intimidate your dog.
leave it command: offer her an object and when she goes for it say "leave it" and give her a treat w/your other hand. your treat hand should be hidden behind your back until it's time. continue to practice giving her the treat as you say "leave it" a few times, then slow the transaction. say "leave it", wait a second, then hand her the treat. then wait two seconds. your goal is to get her to stop upon hearing the command. practice, practice, practice. when she understands what you want, then you can try her on the bedding. for the next few weeks, have her tethered to you at all times. you can tie her leash around your belt. this way she won't have an opportunity to sneak off and chew.

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