Q: How do I find a retirement home for a 16 year old cat?

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I took this cat in about 3 years ago to keep her owner's dad from putting her down because his daughter got married and couldn't take the cat with her to her new home because her new husband is terribly allergic. The cat's name is Oreo and she is s sweet kitty, BUT, she lived her whole life in this girl's bedroom and was never socialized with other animals or taught how to behave properly.

I tried to intigrate her into my household of 2 cats and 3 dogs but she will not cooperate, So she lived in the garage to keep her from peeing on the carpet all the time. She seemed content to lie in the sun all day and sleep in the garage at night, BUT, I just bought a new house and we moved in last week-end. I thought she would cooperate by using her cat box in the garage through the doggie door and be happy inside in the air conditioning. She pees in my house!!

I want to find a place she can live out the rest of her life that is NOT my house. Any ideas?

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Jul 21, 2011

Houston area is going to be tough. All the rescue groups are filled to the brim & working overtime trying to save the thousands of pets in the high-kill shelters in that area. Contact LMN Feline Rescue in Humble & see if they have any suggestions. I doubt Louise can take her because they are just slammed right now, but she might have some suggestions for you. Whiskerville is a sanctuary in Texas City. I think they're still closed to intakes, but you can check. The only other thing I can suggest is to just google senior cat sanctuaries. Don't limit yourself to one area as transports can always be arranged if you can find a place. If you dead set of getting rid of her, I'd contact everybody because she doesn't have an alternative. Even contact places like Best Friends & Cat House on the Kings. You never know. One of our Houston contingent ran a transport to Best Friends a few months ago so it happens.

Have you had her checked out by a vet? Senior cats are prone to kidney thyroid disease which can result in them not using the litter box. Have you tried Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract cat litter to try to draw her to the litter box? I've always had good results with that. Is her litter box covered? Most cats don't like covered litter boxes...they're more for us than for them. For them it's kind of like having to pee in a closed in port-a-potty all the time with all the smells. We can't smell them, but their noses are much more sensitive than ours. If you're interested in helping her, there's a good book by Dr. Nicholas Dodman titled "The Cat Who Cried For Help" that might be useful too.

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