Q: How do I calm my 6 month old Min-Pin down??

March 31, 2008 | By Sandy L. | 11 answers | Expired: 2858 days ago

How do I calm my 6 month old Min-Pin down??

We just had him neutered but that did not slow him down. He is crazy. He keeps our whole house in an uproar and Winston is getting tired of him chewing on his legs!! He is a very jealous dog as well. He gets to go outside many times a day and plays with the dog and cats but that just doesn't seem to be enough. He will not listen to me at all. In fact he listens to my 3 year old better.

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Cortney T.

Mar 31, 2008

There is a show on Animal Planet, called "It's me or the Dog"s, it s kinda like super nanny but for dogs. The trainer on that show Victoria Stillwell is amazing. That may give you some tips on how to help your Pin.

If i am correct Mini pins were used for hunting. They need a lot of mental stimulation along with Physical. Taking him on long walks several times day will help take some of his energy down.
But i do suggest watching that show it gives a lot of good tips for helping dogs and their owners.

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Ellen K.

Mar 31, 2008

Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!
A tired dog is a good dog...
Just because your dog is little -- it does not mean he will be a couch potato.
Even though he's little in size and young -- you need to make sure you are always the leader -- set up boundaries -- and make sure he follows them (you too! don't give in).
Playdates are a great thing too -- 2 or more dogs can tire each other out better than us humans just doing the walk thing.
Make him work for all that he does -- whether it's his meal, a treat, a toy or something he treasures.
Try watching Cesar Millan on the Nat'l Geo Channel -- he is great -- his rules are -- exercise, discipline and then affection.
The walk thing is a great thing -- teaches that you are leader -- if only the walk is done right -- Cesar shows you how...
Neutering does not make a dog get fat and lazy -- but it's certainly a wonderful thing -- so no more puppies in the world -- and helps to deter reproductive organ cancers/diseases later in life for your min pin...
Good luck!

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Mar 31, 2008

I would take him out on a jog or a long walk or even u could ride a bike and have him on a leash riding beside you he needs a way to let out his energy. let him be outside for a while and run and play fetch or whatever he just needs a energy release. minpins are a naturally active breed and they need a active home or they will get bored and start acting hyper or chew or even turn aggressive.

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