Q: how can you tell if a 22 month old cat is pregnant?

July 6, 2008 | By Starchild2467 | 5 answers | Expired: 2317 days ago

my cat got out one day and i dont know for how long she was not in heat so i dont think she is pregnant but i dont know she wont let you touch her belly or her sides can she be or is that just the way cats are

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Jill R.

Jul 06, 2008

if she isn't spayed and she was outside for more than one second, she's probably pregnant. Cats are spontaneous ovulators, which means that when they mate, they automatically ovulate, so its almost a guarantee that they get pregnant. No wonder there are so many kittens/cats, huh! Get her spayed and you won't have to worry.

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Jul 06, 2008

Most cats love getting their bellies rubbed even when they are pregnant. Maybe she's just touchy or maybe she has some other problem. It wouldn't hurt to take her to the vet and if she's OK it would be a good time to have her spayed.

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Michele Z.

Jul 07, 2008

A simple (but non-informative) answer would be to wait about 9 weeks and see if she has kittens! But you are asking "how can you tell...if a cat is pregnant". Some things to look for would include: "pinking" of the nipples; abdominal swelling; increased appetite; increased affection. IF your cat had the opportunity to be around a "tom", there is a high probability that she is pregnant (due to nature and the "spontaneous ovulation" that Doc Jill pointed out).

How can you tell that your cat is NOT pregnant? Have her spayed!

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