Q: How can I trim those claws without being ripped to pieces?!

September 3, 2009 | By Kaukab B. | 7 answers | Expired: 2338 days ago

How can I trim those claws without being ripped to pieces?!

My 12 wk old kitten is as sweet as a button - but she won't let me come near her paws.. Trimming her claws is a task like no other.. I've tried gently sneaking up on her when she's asleep and even tried blackmailing her with treats.. But two claws later, she's up and battling with me! And forget those hind paws.!! I'm trying to get her used to the idea of me touching her paw pads several odd times during the day, but it seems futile.. I know a vet can do this for you, but I really want to be able to handle her claws myself.. I've had cats before, but none of them were THIS diffcult.. And she isn't even fully grown yet, ha! I need a miracle - HELP!

* One reason I want to trim my kitten's nails: she keeps getting 'em caught in places and almost yanks her arm off trying to get free. I want to keep her from injuring herself. I can't always come to her rescue.

Update: Guys, thanks SO much for all your cool advice! Appreciate it!!

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Gail S.

Sep 03, 2009

I wrap my cat in a towel and pull out 1 paw at a time. it she gets real frisky, I gently cover her eys with the towel while I am trimming her nails. That appears to automatically calm her down. Out of sight, out of mind! do continue to talk affectionately to my cat while I am trimming her claws.

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Stacy H.

Sep 06, 2009

What is the reason for cutting a cats nails? I haven't ever cut any cats nails before and it has never been a problem.

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Sep 14, 2009

Be relaxed so your kitten will imitate your mood, and touch the paws often this will get him to adjust to it. dont let him pull away from you, once they learn that will get you to stop they wont forget it and will start to adapt bad behavior.

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