Q: How can I sell my homemade doggie bones?

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Since adopting a very picky dog, I've been making homemade doggie biscuits and they've been a real hit with any of the dogs I've given them to (including my impossible to please Sophie)!

I'd like to try to sell them to local pet shops, so I'm wondering what, if any, regulations there are in selling dog food? Should I go to mom and pop shops and see if they'll sell them for me, or should I try to sell directly to customers through a website of some sort? It would just be something for fun and maybe a couple extra bucks, but the main reason I want to do this is to pass them on to other dog owners is so their pets can enjoy them as much as my dog does!

The recipes I've made are all natural with limited ingredients, which is a nice alternative to all those junky, commercial treats out there. ]

So what do you think? Be honest, is this something I should try to do? And if so, how? Or is this not really worth the time?

Thanks in advance for any insite you can provide me with! :)

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Jul 16, 2008

I think you need to check with your county or state for local code and ordinances on what is required for doing this. If indeed there are any. Also possibly Ebay or something on the internet? Check to see if you need a license first. The fines would surely outweigh the profits if you weren't in order I would assume. You could also possibly check on line for the regulations. I have a business of another nature at home and I had to have a license. It is inexpensive to have a license in most cases especially if you are at home. There are regulations regarding a home business as far as customers coming to the home etc.In my state. So shipping is required.You just set prices. Which you can set up pricing on line per weight. Its easy to do. Its easier to be legal with it then not.A lot of pet bakery's are popping up around here.If you look up the stats we spend more on our pets yearly then we do most anything.It's a multi-billion dollar a year business. Not saying you will make that. Just saying it's amazing what we spend on pets. Keep us posted. Wishing you Lots of luck!

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sharon d.

Jul 16, 2008

I don't think that the Retail Pet Chain stores do that at all,so it would have to be the Mom & Pop pet stores.We have a local one around here that will give customers a try for items like that,or buying their baby fish off of them etc.
I talked to a girl that was doing this,and she said it's all word of mouth,going to the right places,lots of "Doggy Bag" samples,and definitely showing a list of all wholesome ingredients,etc.
My friend would hit the local Sunday Flea Markets,or Doggie Parks. She went to Grooming Salons,Doggie Day cares,and anything else that promotes animals.She made sure that not only did she have the samples but plenty of fresh bones packaged and ready to sell,and also a cute little Business card shaped like a bone,attached to the bag on a string.She found out that if she just took samples,people would grab them for their pet at that moment,and she'd never hear a thing back from them.People tend to be "IN the moment" a lot,so more often will buy a bag of treats right on the spot that way.
I think more and more Pet owner's are looking to care for their loved ones in healthier ways,and that your idea could easily take off.It just may take a little marketing skill,and a lot of time and devotion in the beginning.
I wish you luck!

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Jul 16, 2008

I hate to be negative, but I think unless you know someone with a mom & pop store that knows and trusts you it will be a rough ride, especially after the recall of dog food, people are just plain afraid, I really don't know if I would buy a new product from an individual now unless I knew them, there are too many nut cases out there and I would be afraid I go to a speciality store for my food I trust them and they have home made treats that a friend makes, but I don't buy them, but if you want to try the web is probably the way to go, you could give it a try, I don't really think stores will do it unless they know you, they would be responsible. Good Luck

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