Q: How can I make Bonnie eat without making her fat

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How can I make Bonnie eat without making her fat

She is spoiled and now is a little over weight. I want her to be healthier. What are some suggestions for adding to her kibbles. She will hold out for over 24 hours and won't eat. She is spoiled

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Feb 05, 2010

It's not harmful to have the dog not eat for a 24 hour period. For tracking work, trainers will often fast the dog the day before to get the dog ready for the tracking the next morning. Also, a lot of people who have their dogs on holistic diets will fast their dogs once in a while to help their digestion and keep them healthy. Make sure to always have fresh water available though.

Some dogs are stubborn and hold out for the"good stuff". It's important to not give in and after having the dog starve himself waiting for the yummy stuff, to feel guilty and give him something he really likes and huge portions of it. The dog could have digestive problems as a result if he gulps it down. If you've tried and then given in, all you did was teach your dog that if they wait long enough, you'll give them the food they want, instead of what they should be eating. I think of it like a little kid trying to get dessert before eating dinner, and then maybe not eating dinner at all in hopes of leaving a lot of room for the dessert and possibly more of it.

You should cut out all treats, and only offer dog food, and at those times, give her only 15 minutes to decide to eat it, after that time, take it away out of reach. Then, offer again at the next meal time. At the point in which your dog realizes that you aren't giving treats in lieu of food, and then eats the food, you can slowly incorporate the treats, but make sure that they are just treats and in small amounts. The dog's diet should be balanced and treats will say on the bag or box that it isn't intended to replace a meal. You're just robbing the dog of a nutritionally balanced diet by spoiling with treats all the time.

Exercise is important too, and you can combine exercise with treats by having her work for the treats instead of giving them for no reason. Increasing the exercise might also work up her appetite.

My big GSD was also overweight, she was sneaking and eating my othes GSD's food (who is very picky but slender). So, we had to cut back her portion and switched her to a lower calorie diet. These days all the premium brands carry many varieties, for overweight less active dogs, and for high energy dogs, adult dogs, senior dogs, small dogs, large dogs, joint health, etc.. The important thing is to not overfeed your dog, since that really cuts their lifetime expectancy down, and can lead to costly health problems down the line. Picture obese people and how difficult their everyday lives are, and those things that healthier people have no problem at all doing, is a major physical challenge for them.

Since we as owners are the sole providers for our pets, it really is our responsiblity to keep them healthy. Dogs can't just go out and get their own food and treats, we buy it for them. I always think that being a pet owner or even a parent is really important because you are really responsible for the life of another creature. Your failure can be the death or suffering of that creature, and I know that I'd never take on that responsibility without doing my best to keep them happy and healthy.

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Feb 01, 2010

you can add chicken or lamb to her kibble, just be sure to grind it up really fine so it sticks to the morsels and she can't eat around the real meat.
i feed my boxer mix about 1/2 a cup kibble and 1/4 a cup meat twice a day. chicken and lamb are both lean so it doesn't really add many calories, but it's incredibly good for them.
boxers do need a lot of exercise - about one hour of walking a day {and they like their walks to be challenging so consider buying a doggie backpack} and at least 1/2 an hour of intense play each day. boxers also love to learn and teaching them tricks can be a good form of exercise.

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Jan 31, 2010

What are you feeding? How much?
Whats your dogs age, breed, weight? ideal weight?
How much exercise is she getting, what kind?
All those play a role in dogs health, boxers are very athletic and energetic dogs and need quite a bit of exercise, at least an hour of brisk walk or jog a day with daily off leash time. Try to incorporate exercise into everything you do, go to a dog park, hike together, go jogging, its beneficial for both dogs and their owners.

If youre feeding grocery store brand, switch to something better, most of those foods are very high in grain content (dogs are carnivores and need to be on meat based diets to thrive), grains raise insulin levels and largely contribute to obesity.
Grain free diet is ideal, try one of the following : Taste of the WIld, Wellness Core, Acana provincial, Orijen, natures variety instinct, earthborn holistic primitive, just to name a few. You wont find these at chain petstores, so check manufacturers site for store locations.
Keep in mind that the recomended ammount of the bag is just a suggestion, in most cases, its way too much, I feed less then 1/2 the reccomended ammount.
Cut out all treats and substitute with something healthy like apples, carrots and green beans (if from the can make sure theyre sodium free)

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