Q: How Can I Keep Him Down?

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Shorty knows better than to jump onto the dining room table but recently he has decided to get really cocky and has started jumping on the table again which he has not done since he was a kitten, when I see him and he turns he knows he is being bad and gets down I tell him no and make hisses at him like I had to do when he was a kitten but now he has started up again and will not stop time outs don't even seem to work we make sure to keep an eye on food and on drinks when they are on the table but there have been a couple of times that he has eaten the food or taken a drink when no one is eating something or drinking something there is no food on the table, I don't know if this has something to do with the bad behavior or not but the last year that Teddy was around if we didn't watch her she ended up on the table and there were times when if we left newpaper on the table we would have to scrub the table really hard cause she would pee on it she also had lost all control of her bladder and would leak every time she layed down and took a nap they were not aloud on the table then either but Teddy was old and had dimensia and had forgotten alot things except for who we were and who Shorty and Skitters were Skitters was her protceter cause Shorty picked on her and Skitters likes Shorty but she didn't want Shorty harming the cat who had been here since she was a puppy cause her and Teddy were friends too, but I am getting off subject here I am going to scrub the table hard cause it needs it and see if that helps some for him to stay down but if that doesn't work I need some advice on what to do he is still a young cat and I know he knows better than this in december after Teddy passed away is when he started doing it again if that helps what should I do?

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Feb 23, 2012

Cats naturally like to climb and be up higher than the floor. Having food out on tables and counters makes the reward that much sweeter. Don't leave food on tables and counters unattended so the temptation is removed. Make sure you have attractive alternatives to the table, such as a cat tree, kitty shelving and walkways attached to the wall, etc. Rub catnip on it, feed him on it, praise and reward him when he gets on it. You may have to start out with the cat tree near the table and actually train him to use it. When he gets on the table, remove him immediately and place him on the cat tree.Then give him positive reinforcement while he's on it. You can eventually and gradually move the tree to a more appropriate location.

You also need to make the table less attractive to him. Get one of the plastic carpet runners and place it upside down on the table so the nubs are sticking up. Cats don't enjoy walking on this and will avoid getting up on the table.

Sticky Paws is another product you can put on the table temporarily -- it's like double-sided tape that is safe for furniture and cats do not like the feel of it.

There are also motion-activated deterrents that can be used.

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daryl b.

Feb 28, 2012

when they get old like that it is not their fault. cats are jumpers. can you put the chairs on the table so she has no room to get up there. i think when you are not around there is not much you can do at this point.

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