Q: How can I judge a kitten's personality?

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Mary T.

All the kittens in the litter are adorable, but how can I choose one that won’t be trouble?

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A simple kitten temperament prediction test can be helpful, but nothing in life is certain.

Did you turn out exactly the way your parents expected?

The kitten temperament prediction test should be performed by the people (you, children, mother-in-law, whomever) this cat will have to coexist with.

1) Does the cat look toward you, rather than away?
2) Does the cat mind being held in all positions? A little squirming, when held upside-down, is to be expected. Clawing your eyes out is not a good sign.
3) Does the cat bite and extend its claws in a nasty way?
4) Is the cat inquisitive and active?

Quick story here: Frannie was the one kitten to extend a paw from the cage at the animal shelter — and gently snag a passing stranger who wasn’t looking for a cat. Who could resist that? She still reaches out to grab anyone who comes near.

Maybe early indications are predictive.

Thanks to the vets at BluePearl Veterinary Partners (bluepearlvet.com) for this answer.

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