Q: How can I get my message spread?

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I am starting an 'organization' i guess u could call it, called Help The Animals. I already made a website, www.wix.com/helptheanimals13/helptheanimals
and an email account, helptheaniamals13@gmail.com
I have our first project posted but i need people to visit. I have no money to advertise, and i dont have a favebook or twitter. does anyone know of a way to get the word spread without spending cash?

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Nov 06, 2011

Make posters and put them up around town bussniess cards are good too and they are easy to make also maybe if you have a dog to rehome go sit with that dog in front of a store on a nice day with a table and some busniess cards and a donation jar.

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Nov 10, 2011

Try using your local craigslist in the pet section and also make yourself known in local forums. Because you're providing a community service, you'll like be well received.

Also sign up for a business facebook page. It's free to use and is a decent starting place to build a following. Twitter may even be better for this purpose, though I've never used it before.

Other than that, I'd do as Ches suggested with posters and maybe even fliers. Something that will get animal-lovers attentions and make them WANT to see what it's all about.

The longer you're around, the more your community will come to recognize you. Take requests for your projects and perhaps seek out those requests. Such as a lost cat or dog, or going door to door gathering blankets/food for a local shelter. Leave business cards with people you meet {try Vistaprint.com - $10 for 250} that will direct them to your site. PR is your first step in becoming known, but keep in mind that it may take a few years to really make a name for yourself.

You may also want to use your zootoo account to blog what's going on with your site and your projects. Getting on a more personal and less business level with people here or anywhere will draw them in fastest.

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