Q: How can I get my male nine yr old cat to stop pooping in living room?

December 31, 2011 | By Melody | 2 answers | Expired: 1076 days ago

How can I get my male nine yr old cat to stop pooping in living room?

Here's the deal - My cat, Gus, poops and sometimes pees in the living room along the baseboards on two sides of the room, which are closest to the outside. He started this after one of my other cats that was 13 at the time died due to kidney failure. It has been two years since he has started doing this. I have only one other cat and she is 16. I have four litter boxes that I clean as often as I can. I leave the backdoor open so Gus can go out the pet door if he needs to. I am still using the same litter that he hasn't ever had a problem with.
Now, here is the what I am concerned about. The cat I lost started peeing but not pooping in the living room before he died and Gus pretty much goes in the same places. My guess is that even tho' I have steamed and cleaned the carpet numerous times Gus can still smell the other cat and probably still misses him. I think my only option left is to completely replace the carpet and pad underneath and pray he doesn't start peeing/pooping on my new carpet. However, does anyone have any other ideas as to what else I could do besides replacing my carpet or am I just out of options.
I also tried to place him in a large kitty cage at night but it freaked him out so bad that he peed all over himself and I had to give him a bath plus clean up a whole lot of mess. I really don't know what to do.

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Dec 31, 2011

Did you use an enzyme cleaner to clean the spots where the cats were/are going? Enzyme cleaners are the only thing that will break down cat urine and completely remove the odor. You need to soak the spots with an enzyme cleaner. Pour it on liberally so that it soaks into the pad and covers the what soaked into the pad. The area under the carpet will be much larger than the area you see on the carpet because it soaks in and spreads. Cover the spots with a towel or paper and let them sit so the enzyme cleaner can break down the urine. Most carpet cleaning companies also offer a service to clean urine spots. It may have started as marking the previous spots but eventually it will just become habit and your cat may need to be retrained to use the litter box once you urine odor has been completely removed. Confine him to a small room with food, water, toys, bedding, and a clean litter box to retrain him. Give him attention and love so it doesn't feel like punishment, but keep him confined when you can't be around to keep an eye on him.

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Jan 04, 2012

I agree with NGM. You have to soak those areas in lots of enzyme cleaner to eliminate all the odor. You might also try using Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract Cat Litter until your cat is retrained to use the litter box. It has an herbal attractant in it to draw the cat to the litter box. Keep the litter boxes very clean too. Scoop them at least twice a day and completely replace the litter and sanitize them once a month. Clean the sides and bottom as needed when urine clumps or fecal matter get stuck to the box. Cats have extremely sensitive noses, so unclean boxes to them are kind of like us entering a disgustingly dirty port-a-potty. Also, any time your cat suddenly stops using the litter box, you should get them checked out by your vet. Oftentimes, refusing to use the litter box is an indication of a health problem. That always should be ruled out first.

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