Q: How can I get him to be nicer?

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Aug 05, 2011

There are three options: you sit him down, have your mom sit him down, or have the Humane Society sit him down. Don't worry about the last one starting trouble, they don't have room to take in another dog who's otherwise being well cared for. All they would do is speak with him and be clear about future penalties. So HS would be your best bet.

If you want to talk to him yourself, explain how fear and abuse build in a dog, creating anxiety and eventually aggression {like Skitters already displays towards him}. Tell you him you have a dog here who loves him unconditionally and would do anything to protect him, and would quit stealing cat food if she only knew it wasn't okay. Skitters sees food on the floor, she's gonna eat it. My dog does the same thing and she's pretty well trained. Most peoples dogs do the same thing. Each time he hurts her or scares her, she has no idea why he went after her in the first place. Explain to him that if he wants to train her, to do it right or quit acting like he has a clue what he's doing. He's causing only harm and no good.

Another method for dealing with someone refusing to cooperate is to just be obnoxious yourself. I don't even care if it's childish b/c sometimes that's the only thing that works. Like an unorthodox form of positive reinforcement, find something incredibly annoying and repeat it whenever he's being a jerk. Hopefully he's smarter than a dog and will learn fast, but go ahead and count how many repetitions it takes to see if he or Skitters is the smarter of the two.

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