Q: How can i change my cats behaviour

September 1, 2011 | By Robynfebs | 1 answer | Expired: 1612 days ago

Since my cat was a kitten she never really liked to play around with me she is serious all the time and fights alot and i dont know why.we have a good relationship but she sometimes becomes aggressive.how can i change this how can i make her more friendly.i just want her to love and trust me

Readers' Answers (1)

Sep 02, 2011

All animals have diffrent personalities just like people I am not really sure what to tell you Shorty loves to play and loves his attention too but he likes to be very domanit and will some times be overly aggressive with me for no reason. I can't get him to change his attitude problem either I geuss we both have the same problem I need help too!

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