Q: How are cataracts on dogs eyes removed or cared for?

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erica m.

I think my dog may have a cataract blocking his vision in one eye. One of his eyes, gather mucus some days and i clean him up and he is fine for weeks at a time. Then the mucus returns. Has anyone experienced the same with their Senior Dog? Could or is it Cataracts? Can someone explain the Cataract removal process for Senior Dogs?

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Aug 11, 2010

A cataract is a cloudiness in the lens and interferes with the dog's vision. It can cause the eye to wrinkle. Cataracts are removed during a delicate surgery, you can talk to your vet more about it. (the good news is many dogs do not need surgery).
However, many older dogs get something called Nuclear Sclerosis. This appears as a hazy greyish blue coloring in the eye and does not interfere with vision - and is very common. Your vet can tell the difference between a cataract and nuclear sclerosis.
He could be developing mucus in the eyes for a number of reasons, including dry eye (older dogs sometimes don't produce good quality tears - his eyes may water more from the tear ducts that are still working, but don't produce the good quality tears and be picking up debris that irritates the eyes). It could also be that he has conjunctivitis (very common). If it's usually one eye then it's probably an infection in that eye. Eye drops could do wonders for your pet. Do his eyes look reddish?
Good luck -- veterinary technician

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